Welcome to ICMEPS 2021!

!!!! Due to Covid-19, ICMEPS2021 is now converted to hybrid!!!

!!!! Full Paper Submission Deadline is extended to May 1 st.

2021 International Conference & Exposition on Modern Energy and Power Systems will be held in Kayseri as hybrid format on June 16-18 2021.

The International Conference & Exposition on Modern Energy and Power Systems is one of the types of the organization that get together from transmission and distribution companies, energy service providers, academia, researchers and all energy area interested people from different disciplines such as electrical, computer, mechanical, industrial, energy engineers as well as economics and architect together on a common platform to demonstrate novel ideas on power systems. ICMEPS 2021 is highly supported by industrial partners from all over the world.

For several decades, the power system has experienced a new technological paradigm where innovations have proliferated in power systems. This conference is here to help this transition to discuss the ideas between stakeholders, energy leaders, academicians from all over the World.

The conference welcomes submissions in the following areas but not limited to:

  • Machine learning algorithms in smart grids
  • Blockchain integrated AI based solutions in electrical power system applications
  • Batteries based solution with AI
  • Smart Cities and Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Micro-grid and Nano-grid
  • Power System Planning and Control
  • Distributed and Renewable Energy Integration
  • Forecasting on Power Systems
  • Virtual Power Plants and Aggregators
  • Blockchain Application on Power Systems
  • Power Electronics Application on Energy
  • Distribution/Transmission Cables
  • AI architecture and trends used in power systems
  • Artificial intelligence applied to power system optimization
  • Internet of things (IoT) Applications in Smart Grid
  • Optimized management in microgrids and energy hubs
  • AI-driven solutions for the next generation of the smart-grid
  • Decentralization and digitalization in smart grids
  • Energy Storage Systems and Technologies
  • Data Analytic on Energy Systems
  • Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS)
  • Flexible Demand and Demand Response
  • Electric Vehicles and Integrations
  • Power Quality and Solutions
  • Communication Technologies for Smart Grid
  • Wide Area Control (WAC) Smart Power Grid
  • Business Models for Smart Grids
  • Energy Economics
  • Smart Cities and Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
  • HVDC and its Applications