Call for papers

ICMEPS 2021 invites the author to submit on the topic Power & Energy Systems in real engineering and scientific problems. Future authors are invited to submit papers on relevant topics and applications including, but not limited to:

Power System Applications
Power System Operation
Power System Control
Power System applicaiton for transmission, distribution and customer level
Power System Stability
Power System State Estimation
Renewable Integration
Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
Micro-grid and Nano-grid
Energy management of Microgrid
Building Energy Management (BMS)
Internet of things (IoT) Applications in Smart Grid
Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS)
Wide Area Control (WAC) Smart Power Grid
Power System Cyber Security
Distribution/Tranmission System Cable Technologies
Communication Technologies for Smart Grid
Communication Protocols and Layers
Parallel computing for Power System
Actuators and Sensors for Smart Grid
Modern Distribution Grid
HVDC and HVAC transmission systems
Virtual Power Plants and Aggregators
Energy Storage Systems and Technologies
Big data management and control
Big data analytics for smart grids
IoT for energy systems
Blockchain technologies for energy systems
Machine learning and artificial intelligence application for power system flexibility

Energy Related Topics
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Nuclear Energy
Wave Energy
Energy-Efficiency Technologies
Energy Economics
New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles
Internet Energy Equipments
Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings
Renewable Energy Sources and Systems
Battery Technology – Materials and Systems
Other Energy Storage Systems

Power Electronics
Power Electronics Devices and Systems
Variable Speed Drives
Power Factor Correction Techniques
Power Quality Issues
Power Electronics Packaging and Thermal Management
Power Electronics in Aerospace and Space Applications
Power Electronics Applications in Power System
Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy
Power Electronics Applications in Electric Vehicle

Energy System and Energy Economy
Bioenergy and Clean Energy
Bioenvironmental Engineering
Clean Energy
Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
Energy-saving Technology
Energy Materials
Energy Chemical Engineering
Energy Security and Clean Use

Smart Cities

Architecture point of smart cities
Development of Smart Cities
Energy-saving Technology
Smart Cities and Energy Efficient Buildings

Other Related Topics